Our world famous fat wheeled rotary engine minibike. For the true petrol head and Minibike enthusiast! These have thrilling acceleration with a top speed of 70kph. Hustler Minibikes are designed for off road or race track use only and can not be road registered. The ultimate pit bikes!

Title: “Riding the Wave of Nostalgia: Tim O’Connor’s Minibikes Journey Across Canada”

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Whangaparaoa, Auckland, Tim O’Connor, the visionary creator behind Army Bay Engineering LTD., embarked on a mission that would resonate across the vast expanse of Canada. The journey began with a realization – the absence of a commercially available minibike in the Great White North. Undeterred, Tim set his sights on reviving the spirit of the 1970s minibike, and thus, the Minibikes by Army Bay Engineering LTD. were born.


Tim’s dedication to recreating the retro minibike extended beyond mere aesthetics. Modern features like hydraulic brakes and mandrel tube bending were seamlessly integrated, elevating Minibikes to new heights of strength, safety, and sheer exhilaration. AGAIN What emerged was not just a mode of transportation but a symbol of contemporary innovation fused with the timeless charm of classic minibikes.

Moreover As the engines roared to life, Tim envisioned more than just a recreational vehicle – Minibikes became a catalyst for wholesome family fun. TOO The journey began in the shed, where families spent quality time building their own Minibikes, furtherforging bonds and creating memories that would last a lifetime. The experience extended beyond the workshop, transcending into the great outdoors, where the thrill of riding a Minibike became a shared adventure for all.

However goal of Minibikes transcends borders, as Tim aspires to bring the joy of classic minibikes to every Canadian, from the eager Kiwi kid dreaming of zooming through the neighborhood to the big kid at heart seeking the thrill of reliving youthful adventures. In addiction It’s a mission fueled by passion, a commitment to locally made products, and an unwavering emphasis on quality.


Furthermore Army Bay Engineering LTD., driven by a deep-seated love for craftsmanship and a dedication to the overall product experience, strives to uphold the highest standards with each Minibike they deliver.

nor The result is not just a vehicle but a testament to precision, durability, and the spirit of adventure that more echoes across the diverse landscapes of Canada

So, as Minibikes by Army Bay Engineering LTD. roll out onto the Canadian roads, again they carry not just riders but the essence of a journey that began with a vision, craftsmanship that thrives on passion, and the timeless joy of spreading its wings across the vast expanse of Canada.

more then 40cc

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