Massimo MB200 196cc 4 Stroke Engine Mini Bike


The Massimo MB200 is a popular mini bike known for its 196cc 4-stroke engine. Here are some details about the Massimo MB200:

1. *Engine:* It features a 196cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The 4-stroke design typically provides a smoother and more efficient power delivery compared to 2-stroke engines.

2. *Transmission:* The Massimo MB200 often comes equipped with an automatic centrifugal clutch and chain drive, making it user-friendly and suitable for riders of various skill levels.

3. *Frame:* The mini bike is built on a sturdy frame designed for durability and off-road use. It’s suitable for riding on trails and dirt tracks.

4. *Suspension:* It typically has a front fork suspension system that helps absorb shocks and enhances the bike’s handling on rough terrain.

5. *Brakes:* The MB200 usually features a reliable braking system, with front and rear disc brakes providing effective stopping power.

6. *Tires:* It may come with knobby off-road tires designed to provide good traction on dirt and uneven surfaces.

7. *Fuel Capacity:* The fuel tank capacity is usually around 1 gallon, allowing for decent riding range between refueling.

8. *Max Speed:* The top speed of the Massimo MB200 is around 24-25 mph, making it suitable for recreational off-road riding.

9. *Weight Capacity:* The bike is designed to carry a rider and potentially some cargo, with a weight capacity typically ranging from 200 to 220 pounds.

10. *Features:* Some models might include additional features such as a padded seat, a simple instrument panel, and a classic mini bike design.


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Product Key Features

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    Carbureted, Air Cooled, Four Stroke, 196cc Engine
  • Engine
    4 Stroke
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    196 cc
  • Type
    Mini Bike

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    Mini Bike


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